A sweet romp for young readers who like humor and magic. (Fantasy. 7-10).~Kirkus Reviews

It’s a breezy story of magic run amok. ~Publishers Weekly

I love this book for so many reasons! 1) It teaches children and parents words in Spanish, such as “squirrels” and “wind”! 2) Kids will love making the sounds they hear, like the “Chirp! Chirp!” of little birds and the “Rumble! Rumble!” of thunder. 3) It encourages children to use their sense of hearing to explore the world around them. 4) The illustrations by Dina Ashraf Helmi are adorable. In summary, children and parents will love sharing Escucha Means Listen, by Talia Aikens-Nunez, at bedtime, and then going outside the next day to identify the sounds they learned, both in English and Spanish! ~Susan Heim, "Chicken Soup for the Soul" editor
I absolutely love how this book teaches children to listen...to los perros barking at the cat, and el trueno rumbling in the distance to los niños jumping in the puddles. It is a delightful journey into one of our senses that we often take for granted and forget to appreciate. ~Monica Olivera, contributor to NBC Latino
I thought this was such a cute book! I read it with my five-year-old, and we had a good time learning how to say different phrases in Spanish. The illustrations were great too. This is a fun children's book that is definitely worth reading with your young kids. ~Literary Time Out
Escucha Means Listen is refreshingly minimalist, allowing parent and child to naturally expand on the story and add their own experiences or ideas, making it more fun and interactive for early readers.~Chantilly Patino of Bicultural Mom
This is definitely one of those books to have on your eReader whilst traveling with a little one to easily distract a little one during a difficult time. I highly recommend this sweet book for children 6 years old and younger.~Margie "The Bumble Girl"
I would read this book to my children, and overall, that is the highest recommendation I can give.~Stop & Read the Roses
My five year old son and two year old daughter loved listening to and looking at the pictures. Such a delightful little book that teaches children to escucha (listen).~Katie of Turner's Antics
This is a wonderful, cute, entertaining and educational book that will keep every child engaged. The book is a great way to introduce a child to the Spanish language that includes great illustrations that correlates to the text so the child can understand what the Spanish word means. I recommend the book to all parents and teachers who want to introduce their children to the Spanish language in a fun and interesting way. ~Ginger High BooksRUsonline.com
This book is darling!
Cute, cute pictures and simple words bring the languages of English and Spanish to life.
This is a perfect book to read not only to a young child but as an adult to learn more words in either Spanish or English.~Shauna Wheelwright
Escucha Means Listen is a wonderfully written childrens story. I think it's a great way to introduce any child to learn to speak Spanish. Everyone should try and learn another language these days and doing it by reading this cute and fun story is a quick and easy way of doing it. The story is about a little girl who explores the day listening to everything around her. It's all about enjoying and taking the time to enjoy everything that's all around you. I can see myself reading this to my little cousins and them really being interactive with the story. ~A Southern Girl's Bookshelf
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